CLOSED - Gun for Weapon Slot 2: Round 1 of 3

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Which design direction should we start taking the 2nd Weapon?

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CLOSED - Gun for Weapon Slot 2: Round 1 of 3

Post by SoloSoda on Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:42 pm

The concept that is not elected will NOT be put in the game. Only the winner will have the right to exist. Poll ends on Friday 5/13/16

In a First Person Shooter video game the weapons become the most important characters in the game. Yes, i said Characters! The weapon "character" designs are, without a doubt, the most important decisions to be made for this project. While the character avatar is how we view the game world, it is the weapons that we use to interact with it. Nothing else in the game will be seen as much as the weapons so we've got to make sure to get it right.

The two options we have here are for the starting weapon. This will potentially be a very commonly used weapon due to its ammunition being the most common. The end result of the weapon may end up looking very different from these but this is the starting point where we decide on whether it will be a revolver or a semi-automatic pistol.

Images of weapons displayed at bottom of post.

Concept #1: The Silver Unicorn Revolver
This powerful beast delivers twice the damage per shot of the Phobos Oldtimer at half the rate of fire. Ammunition is teleported from your ammo pack to the cartridge gate bellow the barrel. Empty cartridges are kept inside the cooling chamber and are not discharged. After a round is discharged the newest slug is loaded into the next cartridge in the cooling chamber. The rate of fire is governed to allow the next chamber in the queue enough time to be cooled before the slug is loaded into the chamber.

Concept #1: The Phobos Oldtimer Semi-Auto
This more elegant option is modeled to look more like the classic sidearms of early exosolar exploration. It delivers half the damage per shot of the Silver Unicorn but at twice the rate of fire. Ammunition is ported from your ammo pack into the cartridge gate inside the handle. Spent cartridges are ejected immediately after firing to discharge sealed heat. The rate of fire is governed to allow enough time to teleport individual cartridges into the ammo gate.

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