Voting Information and Forum Rules

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Voting Information and Forum Rules

Post by SoloSoda on Wed Apr 20, 2016 4:08 pm

Voting Information

All of your votes are anonymous which means nobody can see what you have voted on but feel free to post a comment about your vote.

Comments don't hold as much power as poll votes but they do have value and can potentially effect the next round of concepts. If there is something you'd like to see then let your thoughts be known.

All individual polls will eventually have a posted deadline for when the poll will close. Once a poll closes you will no longer be able to vote in that round.

The item in a poll that receives the most votes by the time it closes will determine the direction of the next round of votes for that concept or will determine the final concept.

Once a concept is finalized i'll move on to asset creation.

Not all final assets will be shown in these forums.

Forum Rules
Forum posts that are deliberately offensive, contain nudity, off subject, vulgar or spam will be edited or deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned from the forums. So just use common sense and behave the way you would if you were face to face with these real people and all should be right in the world.

1) Respect your fellow man (and yes mankind includes your fellow women). There is a real face on the other end. I promise.

2) No Vote shaming. Don't shame anyone for concepts they voted for. This one is a bigger deal than it might seem. These forums are all about voting and using the same kind of tactics that are used by major "news" outlets to shame people for having their own opinions is abhorrent in the view of the Space Orangutan. Fer realz doh!

3) Do not harass anyone in these forums. I have a low tolerance for harassment and bullying. Such foolishness will earn a single warning. A second offense will earn a profile deletion and a ban from the forums. If the first offense is egregious enough there will be no warning.

4) Watch your language. Vulgarity is not good for a creative environment and will be karate kicked in the jaw.

5) Nudity is not allowed. Posting images or links to images that include nudity is not acceptable and the offending post will be deleted and will earn the offender a single warning before profile deletion and IP ban. Breaking this rule may lead to instant profile deletion and ban without warning depending on severity of the imagery.

6) Spam will be attacked on sight and so will the spammer profile. Musubis, however, will be greatly appreciated.
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