Enemy Appearance: Spore - Hulk

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Which design should we chose for the Spore Hulk?

1: Spore - Deathmaw
2: Spore - Mertic
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Enemy Appearance: Spore - Hulk

Post by SoloSoda on Wed May 04, 2016 4:02 pm

The concept that is not elected will NOT be put in the game. Only the winner will have the right to exist.

This is the first enemy design that we will be voting on. This is an important first step because the decision made here will effect all future concepts for any of the Spore enemies.

What we have here is the Spore, a strange species (for lack of a better word) of creature that is alien to this galaxy or dimension. The Spore entered our galaxy/universe through a mysterious relic discovered in deep space beyond the outskirts of our galaxy. The Spore is possibly a hive mind "species" containing several sub-types that seem to serve different purposes much like ants. All Spore start as identical larvae which then develop into different and distinct adults while in pupal form. How and when the sub-type is chosen is still unknown.

This hulk sub-type's specific role is to protect the other sub-types by accompanying them and presenting itself as a large risk to hostile threats. It is able to sustain a lot of damage and is generally difficult to kill.

For now it is known as a Spore Hulk but that is its temporary name. It's final name will be chosen along with the concept art design.

Concept #1: Spore - Deathmaw
This frightening thing is protected by a hard exoskeleton and has six large tentacles that quickly propel it towards it's prey. When attacking, it's face splits open and half of its body lifts up as an upper jaw to reveal a large mouth full of sharp grabbing teeth and six clawed appendages that can shoot out several feet to grab or impale the target.

Concept #2: Spore - Mertic
This unsettling hulk has a large body with very few vital organs which makes it able to sustain a lot of damage before it dies of its injuries. It's mandibles are strong enough to crush through armor and bone with ease. It is able to surprise it's targets by quickly stretching out its neck and sharp clawed limbs to attack.
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