Shotgun Concept: Round 1 of 2

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Which Shotgun concept do you like the most?

1: Bad-Ash Sabertooth
2: Bad-Ash Direwolf
3: Bad-Ash Mammoth
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Shotgun Concept: Round 1 of 2

Post by SoloSoda on Sat May 14, 2016 1:21 am

The concepts that are not elected will NOT be put in the game. Only the winner will have the right to exist.

And now we have our shotgun! This will likely be the first weapon the player picks up through his journey. This weapon is one of the more common weapons found throughout the colonies which makes it's ammunition usually quite easy to find. We have three variants to choose from. All three will be mechanically identical with damage, speed and spread. These choices are purely cosmetic.

Concept #1: Bad-Ash Sabertooth
The Bad-Ash Sabertooth Shotgun has a classic design but maintains all the modern features you would expect from a Bad-Ash Arms weapon.  Ammunition is teleported from the user's ammo pack into the weapon's gate chamber. When fired, the spent shell is returned to the cooling barrel and once the fore-end is pumped, the next empty shell is loaded with the next cartridge in the cooling barrel queue.

Concept #2: Bad-Ash Direwolf
This is the Bad-Ash Direwolf. It's design is similar to that of the Saberthooth but is more compact. It's barrel is shorter and it does not have a stock. Other than that it's functionality is identical.

Concept #3: Bad-Ash Mammoth
This is the Bad-Ash Mammoth. Ammo is teleported from the ammo pack into the magazine through the gate chamber. Most of the heat from discharging a round is trapped within the empty shell and ejected when the user pumps the fore-end. Ejected shells are extremely hot and have been known to burn comrades or start forest fires so use caution.

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