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Post by SoloSoda on Tue Feb 09, 2016 9:05 pm

All Game Design Concepts in this thread are set in stone and will not be changed.
Gun Slave General Concept

  • Gun Slave is a FPS.
  • This game has a 90's PC game sensibility to it with a heavy emphasis on level design, twitch gameplay, powerups and unique monster encounters.
  • There will be an in-game environment that supports user created maps and mods.
  • The game's vanilla map set will contain 30 maps that are separated into three zones and then a fourth zone reserved for user created maps.
  • Character creation gives several options to the player for character customization options such as; sex, appearance, armor appearance.

Start Screen

  • The title screen will have the options; Continue, Switch Profile, New Game, Load, options, Exit.
  • "Continue" will load the most previously saved game for the currently selected profile.
  • "Switch Profile" will open a list of all created profiles to choose from.
  • "New Game" will create a new profile and send the player to the Character Creation screen.
  • "Load" will open a list of all saved games under the currently selected profile.
  • "Options" will open the options screen.
  • "Exit" will close the program.

Game Progression

  • After selecting "New Game", the player will be sent to the Character Creation screen where they will be given the options; Name, Sex, Appearance and Armor Appearance.
  • Once the character is created the player will be given a screen that is dominated by a landscape image which shows the locations of each of the ten maps of that zone (two of those levels will actually be secret levels and will be hidden until discovered).
  • Above the map screen there will be 4 tabs labeled "Abandoned Colony", "The Blood Hive", "Paradise" and "Custom Maps". The first three tabs listed will contain the normal vanilla map progression maps but the "Custom Maps" tab will contain user created maps.
  • Initially the player will only have access to the first level. Finishing that level will then give the player access to the next level. Once all 8 normal levels (secret levels do not need to be discovered to progress) the next zone will be unlocked.
  • Secret levels will be discovered through secret exits in two different normal maps which will reveal the secret maps on the map screen.
  • The next normal map will only be unlocked once the previous level's normal exit is taken.
  • Finishing the Boss Level will unlock the next zone. The second zone will follow the same progression flow as the first. The third zone will be the same but once the boss level is completed the game will be considered complete.
  • Once the player defeats the final boss he/she will still be able to revisit all levels and earn accomplishments that were missed.
  • There will be a new option to start over with the same character but that character will still have all earned weapons, upgrades and character customization options.

Difficulty Settings
Starting a new game will give the player a list of difficulty options. Different difficulties will give different rewards when completing levels such as character customization options and weapon customization options.
The difficulties and what they do are:

  • Please Don't Kill Me: Enemies have half health, deliver half damage and move at half speed.
  • No, Not The Face: Enemies have 75% normal health, deliver 75% damage and move at 75% speed.
  • Come At Me Bro: Baseline All the things.
  • Paint The Sky Red: Enemies deliver 150% damage and respawn after five minutes.
  • Send My Ashes Home: Enemies deliver 200% damage move at 200% speed and respawn after one minute.
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